Omega Institue, LLC.


Founded in 1976, the Omega International Group (OIG) provides consulting to companies, governments, and organizations who are interested in connecting with partners abroad. The Omega Institute, a subsidiary of OIG, focuses on those organizations within the education sector, and provides strategic planning and market research to all other arms of OIG.

Clients who utilize any Omega service have access to the wide array of skills and abilities represented within the Omega Institute (OI). As educational specialists, not only do we have strong roots within the academic community but also the know-how to plan and research how foreign consumers and governments will react to our clients’ products, advertising, and business practices. Armed with this knowledge, OI is able to audit our clients’ strategies and modify them for their pursued market. Our staff is composed of highly-educated multi-regional specialists whose sole duty is to understand and predict foreign reaction to any incoming product or service. It is this service that sets Omega apart from other international business consultants; anyone can take your product abroad, but only Omega has the resources to establish it.

Furthermore, the Omega Institute provides education consulting and assistance for those who wish to enter international institutions. Given our ties with many academic institutions, we are able to easily assess our clients and match them with a suitable program at an internationally recognized university. Omega strives to facilitate the application and enrollment process for students and make studying and learning in another country easier and more fruitful. As the student grows and adapts to a new culture and way of life, we too grow with them, always endeavoring to provide opportunities, possibilities, and an unforgettable experience.