Omega Institue, LLC.

ESL Programs

Creativity Lab

In April 2018, Omega’s education sector officially entered Ninghai. We start with a pilot course which is welcomed by both students and their parents. Our courses are designed not only for improving students’ English level, but for improving comprehensive skills with team activities, brain stimulating games, role play and outdoor activities



Improving comprehensive skills

The traditional Chinese education system is test-oriented which allows students to reach high test scores. However, those students lack creativity, communication and social skills. Students who are more creative and socially collaborative are likely to show more signs of success in college and then into their careers. The students in The Creativity Lab have an opportunity to familiarize themselves with western style courses in their home country, which then lays a solid foundation for students who plan to study abroad.


ESL Training

Authentic American learning materials and teacher creates a western environment, which allows the students to learn different culture and skills. ESL learning is comprehensive, especially for young beginners who will be affected by creating their own identities, learning motivation and learning environment. Unlike adults, for the first stages, learning shouldn’t be excessively emphasized on academia to avoid the heavy pressure for kids.