Omega Institue, LLC.


US educational institutions stand to gain a great deal from increasing their recruitment operations abroad—not just in student diversity, but as a measure of subvention. Fortunately, US educational institutions are ranked among the best in the world and foreign appeal is strong, especially from Chinese students and their families. This is where the Omega Institute comes in. We connect highly-capable Chinese students with US educational institutions. The Omega Institute uses its Chinese facilities to aid institutional-partners in the following ways:

  • Partner name distribution through OI-exclusive channels:
    • College Fairs
    • Parent Teacher Organizations (家长会)
    • English School/Cram Schools (补习班)
    • Public high schools and middle schools
    • Local business linked to families and education
    • The Ministry of Education and the Central Party School
  • Assessment of students’ personality, thinking style, occupational interests, and strengths
  • Testing of students’ English proficiency via the TOEFL (or equivalent exam)
  • Application coordination:
    • Certified translation services for student documentation
    • Constant personal assistance to students and their families in the application process
    • Visa assistance for admitted students
  • Assistance to students and families with the payment of scholastic fees
  • Communication between institutions, students, and families
  • On-call emergency support, available 24/7
  • Assistance in registration, course selection, and finding internships