Omega Institue, LLC.


The decision to pursue a foreign market is a daunting one; however, the Omega Institute takes what is an intimidating risk and breaks it down into manageable and realistic steps.

  • Assessment
    • OI analyzes our client’s product or service and breaks it down into hundreds of individual components that have observed reactions within the pursued market
    • OI surveys and segments the pursued market into controllable insertion points based on prior assessments and our unmatched knowledge of the pursued market
    • Depending on the nature of our client’s product or service, OI conducts a competitive overview and analyzes market threats
  • Modification
    • In cases where our client’s product or service has components with negative prior reactions to the pursued market, OI innovates solutions to meet the need of the target consumer without causing friction
    • Where competition is strong in our client’s pursued market, OI enhances the most vulnerable components of the product or service and incorporates components that gives our client’s a competitive advantage
  • Execution
    • OI, in combination with other branches of OIG, coordinates a market-specific implementation plan for our client’s modified product or service
    • OI multi-phase implementation planning begins with small isolated markets with minimal competitive threat and uses these markets of establishment to further proliferate throughout the pursued market. In both the North American and Chinese market, regional diversity is a large factor and small-scale implementation can require heavily customized strategies.
    • To satisfy the necessary changes in tactics during multi-phase implementation, OI offers logistical, promotional, and sales support to our clients including services such as:
      • Establishment of facilities, employee recruitment, and governmental cooperation
      • Marketing strategies, translation/interpretation, and sales effectiveness monitoring
      • Highly developed distribution channels and third-party relationship negotiation
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