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ACE Au Pair in China

Program Introduction

Would you like to understand Chinese culture better and live in China for a considerable amount of time? ACE au pair is a great option for you. We provide a variety of learning platforms for you to acquire, as well as a team that will assist you with settling in.

Unlike the traditional trip to "Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen", this journey will take you to Ningbo, the largest port city in China and the city with the strongest sense of happiness in China. In ACE au pair programs, you can become a summer camp teacher, or help Chinese children who want to study abroad improve their English and act as their brother or sister. You will have the option of having your own private space, or you can stay with a Chinese family to experience Chinese day-to-day life first hand. Most importantly, you will receive Chinese courses and Chinese cultural activities that will make your life in China different and enriching.

Join us in the journey of an unforgettable experience that starts now.