Omega Institue, LLC.

ACE Summer Camp 2023 - July 5 - July 8

    In early July, our summer camp warmly welcomed its first group of campers. Over the course of four days and three nights in the campsite, the children bid farewell to their parents and embraced the beauty of nature. They not only engaged in activities such as archery and jungle climbing, but also collaborated in teams to create and perform movie clips. Through these experiences, the children nurtured qualities such as independence, mutual assistance, perseverance, and teamwork. During the social night, they opened their hearts and forged new friendships. On the adventure night, they summoned their courage and embarked on a thrilling treasure hunt. The glow party filled their hearts with joy as they swayed and danced to their heart's content. In the end, everyone bid farewell to Camp Stewart, but the children took away much more than just joy and laughter - they gained personal growth and lifelong friendships. We firmly believe that this summer camp experience will forever hold a cherished place in their memories.