Omega Institue, LLC.

Summer Camp 2022 - June 30 - July 3

    This summer, ACE organized a summer camp for young students in Ningbo, China. ACE partnered with Camp Stewart for Boys, located in Hunt, Texas, to bring an authentic cowboy summer experience to the campers. With the help of Ningbo Evening News Reporter and Right Research, ACE had the opportunity to exchange American and Chinese cultures. The camp featured team building activities that allowed campers to work together while expressing their creativity.

    Just like at Camp Stewart, campers began by creating their own unique name badge with their name and hometown. This emphasized the camp’s theme, which centered around the message of “Nice to meet you”. With the help of the ACE staff, campers then played a series of fun and engaging activities. From “red light, green light” to rock climbing, ACE Summer Camp 2022 was jam packed with excitement as campers left with new friends and fond memories.